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What was it like? Slim: Slim, pimping ain't no game of love, so prat 'em and keep your swipe outta'em. Rimmer: My damned ding-aling was pointing my bathrobe into a tent. No pictures of pop stars' knobs this week due to a bit of 'Spycatcher' type censorship round these parts. You got no girl, who do you fuck other than your hand? Lawrence: She Fine specimen of a lad, my Monty. All bollocks and beef. His knackers were superb. One in the balls is worth two in the teeth—a motto of unarmed combat instructors. Snatch, Twat? Puss puss, nice kitty, nice little animal that's so goddam patronizing it's almost as bad as saying 'slit'.

Keating: Is it worse to have it on me belly than to have it in me quim? I'm juicin' up already. A couple more o' these an' I'll be frothin' at the gash. Sent a lock of my snatch-hair off in an envelope to Marlon Brando. Drewe: I've seen some great tits and some of the bushiest boxes you could imagine. Pathan tribesmen playing them is enough to make the harlot of Jerusalem snatch herzatch! Set of 4 clit stimulators. Bush's rhetoric has occasionally dropped to the level of schoolboy abuse: 'Saddam is going to get his arse kicked.

He had been after her tail for months, but Judy, being an old-fashioned girl, declined his advances. Begin with a warm-up and concentrate on your bum and thighs, and work on your boobs and turn as well when you turn the poster over. Salkey: You class-war rass hole, you! Nash: Just once is enough, Baby. She slaps her on the rear Come on—get to work. Burnett I was He's grown too broad in the beam for it. Just put your keyster in the chair and shut your mouth.

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Unless we get a new kick in the slats from inflation next year, I would look for continued relative restraint in settlements. I could tell how tight that girl's shorts were. I could see her heinie clear across the square. Addressing crowds through their arse-holes. Stow: I bet I would have booted him in the ring if he hadn't run. Wynnum: Take it from me, there's more ways of killin' a cat than fillin' its ort with sand. Who's the other? Falconer: As she sucked, so her fingers reached his back passage. Uninvited, she positioned two fingers at the entrance of his arsehole, and crudely thrust into him.

It was two hours of unmitigated boredom, that could only have been enjoyed by people too lazy to get off their chuffs and book themselves on a real tour of stately homes. White: You are just sticking. You look a bit wobbly on your pins, pet. Parker: I learned Vic's technique for developing 'sinewy and shapely underpinnings'. Feet tootsy, tootsie, tootsy-wootsy, tootsiew o o t s i e , etc. Longfellow: Young ladies are not allowed to cross their benders in school. Lewis: 'Your clodhopping feet. Branch: He. Among some of Conway's more famous expressions are Blue eyes.

Tits out to here. Wheels like Betty Grable. Marshall: Plinio, the barman with duck's disease, came running up. My dogs is burned up. Hutchinson: They say family prayers there with the servants every night, all down on their benders. Baldwin: Sustaining three more savage charges, the last Ditto, me in my birthday suit.

Weller: Quick—ring her back—she's in the nuddy—give her a scare. Zoe gets quite agitated. Normally, you see, they wear what I believe is called a posing pouch. Yes indeed! Porno action on page 19! The girls were starkers all the time. Pudney: Leave him in his birthday suit. Miss bloody Garth can walk back to Midsomer starko and explain to the folks that she's been a man all the time. The gals are peelin' in 23 clubs through Los Angeles County. Physique Fat r o l y - p o l y A fanciful formation based on the verb roll m Dinah Mulock: A little roly-poly woman, with a meek, round, fair-complexioned face.

Opie: The unfortunate fat boy Success stories connected with slimming are few and far between, so any fatties who might be reading this—take note of this tale! Ellis: A big, fat, gutless slob. Hill: All they do is eat and sit on their lard asses around the guns.

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Not like Beef to the heel. Norton: The bucolic bumpkin with coarse features and slow brain fails no less than the hefty giant. Strong: If I ever want a ginger-chinned jelly-belly's advice. I'll ask for it. A chicken Thin person or animal b e a n p o l e Applied to a tall thin person; see at Size p. Campbell: One trick is to deprive a hatrack of an old horse of water, and let him have a good lick of salt. That long streak of misery in a blue shirt.

Fitzgerald: She takes no interest in That's why she's such a Skinny Liz. Fenn: Better get back to him as soon as you've had your squint round.

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Milne: Crikey, have a deck at Ronald Colman! Once I'd grabbed hold of the script and taken a good dekko at it, my worst fears were confirmed. Heinlein: The cashier came over and leaned on my table, giving the seats on both sides of the booth a quick double-O. Parker: During the daytime wandering about the area, 'pipe-ing', looking over a car, became a regular practice. Smith: Hey, youse blokes! This movie is so richly risible that I advise all, in John Wayne's phrase, to go down to the Warner and eyeball it.

O'Grady: Got a Captain Cook at your dossier—it's thicker than your frickin' head. Take a bo-peep at old Lionel. They couldn't have lamped us on the road. North: From the way he was screwin' her phiz. The contemporary reader Maxwell: He only wanted to squiz at the beach from the best vantage point of all. I'm keeping obs. He gave his display of perfect strawberries the onceover. Wodehouse: 'Read this letter. Modest John likes to play down his good looks and says he gets a bit embarrassed when girls eye him up.

Bartram: Who set ye on to watch me? And at last Scott: They'd pick a couple of the mob to keep nit then they'd hoe into the corn. To stare inquisitively or in astonishment g a w p Perhaps an alteration of gape m European: St Tropez is packed with these threadbare tourists who gawp at sights they have long only heard about— especially the topless bathers on the beaches. Eby: Gawking in wonder at the falling bombs. I stopped off in the Galeana sports park Jenkins: The unbraw unlovable puke married to yon specky gasping smout of a barber. If George saw my minces, he might pull the deal.

You're nicked! Opie: When somebody who is boss-eyed goes by you spit on the ground. Wodehouse: Freddie no longer wore the monocle His father-in-law had happened to ask him one day would he please remove that damned window-pane from his eye. They don't hear the cry 'Feet!

Richards: I probably smell to high heaven of insect repellent. Collinson: An awful pong or hum. She only does it when the wind takes the smell away from us The pong's not bothering us. Newman: 'I don't mind, provided he takes a bath. Golly, how she'll whiff! Goode: The natives They're a bit on the nose,' said my mate, wrinkling his nose. Before that it's hard. You sweat.

You do it in your pants. Peter Herring entered a police station and asked if he could use their convenience. She may have been afraid of asking to go out. Come on, love. Have your wet. Burgess: Take the poodle for its piddle. Crisp: He decided to risk a quick slash, which Parker: I wondered if anyone had ever whizzed on Allan Pinkerton's shoe.

I really have to tinkle. Burgess: Keep Ted's chair for him. He's only gone out to strain the spuds. Ball: Brooks was struck with an overwhelming desire to piss. Syphon the python, he thought. Sutherland: What with the cold and the beer she was bursting for a run off again The nearest ladies she knew was at Pier Head.

Harriss: He headed straight for m e. I damn near widdled. Barnett: You've pissed yourself Piss, cabbage, stale sweat. Lawrence: But see old Leo Tolstoi wetting on the flame. As if even his wet were absolute! Keith: Our barrack Cave: Sarcasm runs off on them like pee on a plastic bedsheet. Now he thinks of me as a pissabed. Auden: To start the morning With a satisfactory Dump is a good omen All our adult days. Show her the nappy and tell her that she can do her wee-wee and poo-poo or whatever your family words are!

Excrement t u r d dOOO Applied to a piece of excrement; from Old English tord m Nadine Gordimer: It was true that it was difficult to get the children to remember to bury the paper along with the turd. Salinger: There didn't look like there was anything in the park except dog crap. It made a mess on the carpet. Gray: The best pucks were always those supplied by passing horses, 'road apples' we called them.

She's been free of dandruff since a mynah bird relieved himself on her head during lunch one day. And suddenly Divi was up to his dentures in doggy doo. My squitters were at their worst. The Body and its Functions 'Olive oil doesn't agree with me. Egmont: Always take With his luck he'd die of Aztec Revenge anyway, first time he had a Bibb lettuce salad.

Toilet paper in the bogs. Cave: 'Nothing wrong with i t safe as a brick-built shithouse,' I assured her. Salinger: She kept saying And I don't mean just when she went to the dike. What for? They weren't children, they didn't pee in bed. Stewart: Turk says that conscientious objectors have to clean out the lats in lunatic asylums. Conover: Why, oh, why, do little boys and big ones rush to a johnny when nature provides opportunity everywhere? Locked in their cells sc. Malpass: A small garden of weeds, with a cinder path leading to a W. When you need the House of Lords, it's through there.

Clarke: You made a real thorough search? Outhouses, karzey, the lot? Rowe: Waldon added over his shoulder, 'Gobind's in the toot. He'll be right out' A lavatory pan or other receptacle. Maginn: The naval officer. I heard the chain being pulled. Rowlands: Our plumber On the inside of the lid was a plaque bearing the embossed title Connolly's Chemical Closet. Auden: Lifted off the potty, Infants from their mothers Hear their first impartial Words of worldly praise.

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He lit a square and sat down on the shitter and tried to collect his thoughts. Applied to a s m a l l shovel carried to clear up a dog's excrement from the street, etc. The dogs are covering the red carpet in a sea of shit. Fisher: Ogy got drunk and threw up in the backyard. There's blood on the windscreen, sick on the trousers. Kelen: Wiping the chunder from his mouth. At the Black Raven, by Liverpool Street station, Burnett: He belched. It's an old Arab custom You no like food—no burp—host insulted. Rae: I wanted him to shoot and get it over. Gaskin: A baby can seem snorty and snotty, but sometimes it sounds worse than it is.

Girls used to say they had the curse. Or they had a visitor. The new Vispre Shadow jam rag is designed to suit your lifestyle, with a wrap-a-round gusset flap to keep the blood off your knicker elastic. Rose: She suspected herself of being pregnant, 'in the way'as she called it. Wretched little dramas of scruffy girls in jeans being aborted after men with sideburns Longrigg: 'Make him do a Charleston. Smith: When the doctor told me I was in the club I. They aren't saying. Troy: Up the spout, isn't she? I thought Michel would have had more bloody savvy. Sutherland: It couldn't have been himself that put Kathleen Ertall in the spud line.

Stewart: Do you know what it's like, Cyril, to be a decent and penniless young man who isn't sure he hasn't got his girl up the stick? Lockhart explained Tm a little afterthought. They say you go for them like one thing when you're preggo. Lambert: I know a girl who thinks her bloke may have put her up the creek. Rae: He screwed her, knocked her up first go and One Roman Catholic doctor Polland: Although he No wonder they called it Vatican Roulette. See also Contraceptives under Sex p. Baker: The old bear got regularly tuckered-out. He's too old to do things like that.

Been doing too much, that's what it is. I came in at tea-time, I sat down and I was absolutely shattered. Morrison: This man has worked hard in Australia for forty years, but he's euchred now All he asks for is the old age pension. Lea: 'Oh sure. Hibberd: Er, why don't you grab a pew, Valhalla. You must be rooted. Rae: He was so utterly buggered that he had no hunger left.

I've been on duty for 36 hours! Farrell: Studs took a large rocker, and carried it slowly downstairs When he set it down in the alley, he was breathless, and all pooped out. Target: The two other-rankers were now sitting in the back of the jeep, with all of 'em looking shagged out.

Set us to runnin', an' I could tucker him— Pendower: It damned near killed me. I still feel like death warmed up. Chalmers rolled up her knitting and said she supposed it was time for beddy-byes. The Body and its Functions sack time , sack drill, sack duty Orig US services'; also applied more broadly to time spent in bed; from sack bed.

There are not enough beds. Many will be turned away and have to do a 'skipper' in station, park or ruin. Rees: With a warm ejaculation on his tongue, the interrupted sleeper returns to his snooze. Bailey: 'Having a caulk' where he sat and O'Grady: He emerged from his plonk-induced snore-off. Birmingham: I won't risk our clients to you in your concussed state Why don't you go and have a little lie-down? Walsh: 'Only just awakened,' I admitted.

Moore: Reckon this sector's safe. Might as well zizz. Cunningham: I lost a night's sleep sack down for a few hours?

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Within minutes of seating themselves in the car, they both nodded off. She still hasn't surfaced. Clowes: On Sunday her husband and son 'lay in', as she called it, till midday, while she gave them their breakfast in bed. Scarper the letty. Dossers at a London kiphouse. Pertwee: He snaked his feet into his flea bag. Scott: You did right, shoving him back in his uncle. Tinker: In our pits at night we always get rattled around a bit. He was well away by the time MacGregor climbed back into the car.

Hannah wants your head on your weeping willow, pillow to you. Eager: The four children Parrish: Jake's off queer, wi' a rumblin' stummick. Worboise: The second child has sickened, and the third is reported to be looking 'peaky'. Stockton: They had been very well as a general thing, although now and then they might have been under the weather for a day or two. Jerome: We were all feeling seedy, and we were getting nervous about it.

I think I've picked up some sort of virus. Elliot: I admit I felt a little peculiar for a while, but whatever it was has passed and I'm absolutely fine now. Her mum's off colour. She's staying Rowlands: Dora must be feeling pretty grim at the moment. Perhaps we shouldn't have left her on her own. Holt: I'm crook in the guts now. How do you feel? Pendower: It damned near killed m e. Trowbridge: I think I am in for influenza. I feel a perfect wreck. The deceased Simpson: There was. He did his back in lifting heavy furniture. His feet were killing him.

Moody: Touched the mouse under her eye. She just hoped a Vogue photog wasn't going to show up. Wilson: Should you decide to stick to sherry and branch out into the heavier oloroso you will have a thick head tomorrow and we will have an entertaining evening. Fiennes: Out shot a telescopic left, and I had the shiner of all time for weeks.

Palmer: It's lucky the ship lies in such shallow water. We shan't get the 'narks'. Charley-horse, charley-horse North American; applied to cramp in the arm or leg, especially in baseball players; origin uncertain. Lucas: Wet, and rats, An occasional touch of the screws, she admitted. I got hit. It made me woozey for a minute. The Body and its Functions Excess of green food, sudden exposure to cold, a r e. Afflicting him with mulligrubs and colic. Bullen: He laughingly excused himself on the grounds that his songs were calculated to give a white man collywobbles.

Have you ever had the D. The shakes? Bin like that two days. I know four blokes who've copped a dose from her. Willingham: Why don't you tell us about that time you got siff from your nigger maid? Medcalf: Got malaria, beri-beri, malnutrition and probably a dose of jack.

Locke: Mo says he's blistering glad you're out of it and safe in your perishing bed with a Blighty one. Now you just lie back an' take it easy. Ya got a homer, mate, you arsey bastard. Davin: That gammy foot of mine. He'd just kick a gimp in the good leg and leave him lay. Craig: I gimped back on deck. So the noun and adjective gimpy a cripple; lame, crippled.

Her guilt, eftir struggling wi him fir years, at pittin him in the hoespital. I won't breathe any of my bugs on you. Green: A 'flu wog' struck, and several families of children were absent with Wodehouse: 'Oh, hallo! And you? Just been over to America. Said he'd never inspected a fitter man of my age. Dr from earlier sense, any stimulating drink Brian Warren, Mr Heath's personal physician, called to see him jollop Applied especially to a purgative; alteration of jalap type of purgative obtained at Downing Street—but as a friend, not as a medic.

You strip down his penis, you know, like you're masturbating him, and if there's a yellow fluid coming out like a drippage, you know he's infected. L Cohen: The probationers agreed that minor ops gave the most trouble.

Cohen: 'We didn't come across any horrors,' said Dr. Richards: She died last night. Overdose, probably. They're doing a post. Palmer: My old lady went over the hill with my bank account before I was out of boot camp.

Headlines 28 April, 2006

I'd have given her the deep-six if I coulda got a furlough. I suppose he's made his Will. In ten years time I think I should be pushing up daisies. Gerson: In Islay He might have cut me off with a shilling. He pegged out in BC.

Full text of "Talking Book Topics"

Gee: I mean, he didn't let the grass grow under his feet, it wasn't much more than a year after the first Mrs Tatlock snuffed it. That was all right, of course, you didn't live forever. Morpurgo: I'm afraid we want you elsewhere Jim Barton bought it, and you'll have to take on his troop. One of these days you could seven out. We talked parties, weddings, people karking it and the attendant floral arrangements.

Aiken: He'd got leukaemia. He knew his number was up. Wodehouse: My godfather Henry: Personally, I'll believe he's dead when the box is shut and covered up. Where did non-Catholics get planted? Broadfoot: A couple more punches and it would have been the marble orchard for him. Embalmers' aids like the Natural Expression Former a plastic device which, inserted into the mouth after rigmo—as we call it in the trade—sets in, can produce a seraphic smile on the deceased face. People and Society 1. Ryan: The Yorkshire terrier seems fitter mate for the volatile Taffy than for the taciturn Tyke.

You're a Brit. Good on yer, Pom. Hill: Bagtown became 'Woodbine Ave' Davin: An English accent. How hard it was to remember that it was as natural to a homey as your own accent was to you. Brummy, Brummie Applied to someone from Birmingham; short for Brummagem, a local variant of Birmingham m New Statesman: He proclaims proudly, in a modulated Birmingham accent that makes him sound like a well-bred Australian: 'I'm a natural born Brummie. Ryan: I ran through the ranks of rumbling loiners and out into the eternal, grey twilight of Leeds. You can speak Frog. Witwer: The English call 'em 'Uns It's not the Russians we should be congratulating Sure, we got Von Braun, but the Russians grabbed all the rest of the German rocket guys.

Davies: If the Boche wanted a rough-house he could rely on Pickering to give it to him. He praised you Fritzes up to the skies. Tute: Perks and privileges for the ruling classes. Fifteen in a room for the poor-quality 'Scorps' whose Rock it was. How dar you call me Paddy? Who needs Micks? Their backs are to the wall in a desperate tyrechain feudal war to protect the integrity of their declining manor against the invasion of 'bubbles and squeaks' Greeks and Cypriots , 'turks' Irish and 'spades' coloureds. Doug was playing hidey-ho with a couple of macaronis, taking potshots round bushes at each other.

Sydney : But the migration level had fallen under Labor. Padover: You cowardly little sneak! It's craven pups like you that make the Polacks trample on us! If we Jews would learn to Taffs and Geordies and Scouses who were barely intelligible. England should have won. All that stopped us was that the dagos [sc. Paraguayans] got more goals than us. Watts: They were eternally being. MacAlister: The fall broke the poor 'pigtail's' neck.

Durack: We used to have a couple staying with us. Chinks, they were, medical students. Newman: Nice little tape-recorder Snazzy Jap job. Binning: The monotone of the bombers is easing. Tojo is on his way out and now it is safe to get up. Smuggling us out like a load of Paks. These are not people They are dinks and gooks and slant-eyed bastards. Nagle: 'We suspect that there are about twenty or thirty nogs dug in And those Jap Ph. Replying 'Sod off, Slant-Eyes' led to friction. Viet Cong] hit from bunkers and the Marines had to carry half the company back.

Thomas: All the Chinaman's gotta do is get into Saigon Once he's in nobody's gonna notice him, because all those slopes look alike. At Can Tho, two years ago, I heard American Air Force men sing a ballad about the Vietnamese, whom they then called 'slopeheads' or 'slopes'. Sammy British, dated; applied during World War I to a US soldier; from Uncle Sam personification of the US government prune picker Dated; applied to a Californian snow-bird US; applied to someone from the Northern states who goes to live or work in the South during the winter.

Stuart: Jesus, lover of my soul, if it isn't the Goddams, the Septics themselves! Stick around long enough, I told myself, a n d. Symons: 'Quick, you fellows,' he said, 'them Nitchies are crawling up all around. Rosa: Mexicans Latin temperaments did not always sit well with Texans who were open in their dislike of 'greasers'.

Swarthout: Why doesn't this [system] detect every wet who puts a toe across the line? Wolfert: Love thy neighbor if he's not Couldn't the Cornstalks take a joke? Lawson: Some men Kalgoorlie was a huge seat with a big population of radical T'Othersider miners. Denton: I c'n tell a bananalander any time. I c'n pickem. Weller: You know, I can always pick a Tassy. Hence ockerism ,. Hope: Most Aussies, contrary to popular belief, are town-dwellers. The Barcoo salute. Durack: Before long every white family in Broome had acquired a mission educated 'binghi' couple.

France: Laurie was not a real Kiwi, or hardbitten New Zealander. Berrie: I'd give a quid to be planted somewhere where I could watch some Abdul go in. The British papers quickly followed the American lead. Although none quite sank to the level of 'Camel jockeys killed your kids' Mrs Lane Fox dismisses what she calls the country set, who call their children 'the brats', talk about 'thrashing them into shape', support Enoch Powell and still refer to 'jew boys'. Y i d Derogatory or offensive; backformation from Yiddish m Vladimir Nabokov: Then she went and married a yid. Gilbert: As the blacks are quick to point out, you don't.

He knocks down Stern's wife, calls her a kike. Your five-to-two is a judge of quality. Farrell: Two hooknoses Andy and Johnny O'Brien At school they called us Ikeymoes and Jewboys. Samuel: There were five Jewish boys in the gang— I was the only'Yok'. Cato: They made their usual inquiries, saying they were investigating the death of a 'white mary' at the coast. It's full of shonks. Kemelman: The bunch of Anglo-Saxons and Yekkies that run Hadassah and your hospital, too, you call them real Israelis? Charlie, Mr. Charlie's' doomsday. You, Goldberg! You, Hymie!

Red S e a p e d e s t r i a n Jocular, offensive; from the crossing of the Red Sea by the children of Israel on foot after God created a passage through the water Exodus Brown: A poor white peck will cuss worse'n a nigger. I am talking about white men who ain't poor like them pecks. Webb: Sometimes whites would get out of cars along the road and walk over to the Camp and peer inside the humpies, or rough bough shelters, curious to see how the abos lived One of the boys nailed a board up on a tree near the road with 'wonks—keep out! I have a good thing going with a negro film editor.

You Whities stink! Slovo: My father him work as a labourer for thirty years in Babylon. Harrington: The year was , a bad year in most everybody's book. Ellis the cabdriver used to say that even the grays downtown were having it rough. They're always so sure their white skin is the sexiest ever. Rus is not Uncle Tomming it around Harlem with 'the Man'. He has brought a foreign visitor.

The political situation which exists here in Nazi Amerikkka. Casey: Did you see the girls, when you were out there? The sort of black velvet that sometimes makes me wish I wasn't a policeman. Savarin: He hated Arabs They were all wogs to him. The driver spoke terrible barrack-room Arabic. White South Africans who wanted to gamble, buy Playboy Black people S a m b o A nickname and, more recently, a derogatory or offensive term for a black; origin uncertain; perhaps from Spanish, person of mixed race, or from an African language e.

Someone had scribbled Nigs Out. You might Jim Crow works at the depot. Bellerby: The 'dinge' piano trill, deriving from the efforts of the early Negro instrumentalists to sing through their instruments, instinctively holding the rich overtones of Negro speech. Another shine killing. That's what I rate after eighteen years in this man's police department.

One's a smoke. He slowed down the car for all of us to turn and look at the old jazzbo moaning along. Richards: 'Pretty little thing, as nigras go, Mrs. Prender said. Like that, Henderson? The bar-owner Simmons: A lot of paddy studs still didn't know that boots were human. Young: Nobody want no nice nigger no more They want an angry splib A furious nigrah. Pryor goes through his part pop-eyed, playing Uncle Tom for Uncle Toms. Hurston: Dat broad I seen you with wasn't no pe-ola.

Saunders: On Saturdays try Brixton market—nearly as big, more genuine, lots of spades. Bosse: Vergil just smiled, Tomming it up. Charles Rankin. Hollingworth: King Zog. Clune: More and more Crown land was taken up by the ever-arriving 'jimmygrants' who had government help and favour. If you did a brain scan of the British racist mentality, you find that, on the whole, we reckon the 'towelheads' have a pretty rough time of it. Fulbright for the first time openly appealed for black votes, because he believed that he couldn't win without them and that the 'seggies' Davison: He was a mean customer, Scott Fitzgerald: I'm tired of being nice to every poor fish in school.

The old man is revealed as having been a very cold fish. Look here, Mister What's-your-name. CUSS Orig US, mildly derogatory; applied to a person of the stated sort; probably an alteration of curse although not recorded in that sense until later , but widely apprehended as being short for customer m Economist This American computer company's successes include a profitable joint venture with Romania, an awkward cuss by any standards.

Joseph: Listen, you sloppy article, who was on guard from twelve to two last night? The way Alan Rickman plays villains, nice guys are lucky to come second. Lawrence: I am assiduously, admirably looked after by Mrs Bolton. She is a queer specimen. Bad luck. He's a very good egg. Wodehouse: She's a tough egg. Mulford: You ain't believin' everythin' this outfit tells you, are you? Smith: As you said, Goldsby, Slosher's a slick duck. Davin: A real artist for the booze, isn't he?

Sayle: Education, if he [sc. Hall: Goodness what an ugly little possum you've turned into. Park: He had no name. In the thaw they buried him in the pass, and his epitaph was Some Poor Bloody Perisher. Yesterday this Adair babe has an ad in the paper. He's a good scout. Burnett: He's a real tough cookie and you know it. Computer makers would therefore have us believe that there is no such animal as a typical programmer. Westlake: I was not alone in the room. Three army types were there Hebden: Type over here He recognises it. I rile mighty easy. Marlowe: A couple of gunks who used to be bouncers at the 'Golden Pagoda'.

A promiscuous person See under Sex pp. A severe, hard, or uncompromising person See under Severity, Oppressiveness p. An unpleasant or despicable person See under Unpleasantness p. Oneself one's arse, mainly US one's a s s Orig used in imprecations; in modern use usually with get and an adverb or adverb phrase, as a synonym for come or go m Language: Get your ass in here, Harry! The party's started! Long underpants and a long-sleeved vest made of thick, oily wool. It's 'Give me six Lemonade. Munroe: Are you willing to work in cahoots with yours truly?

Terms of address to a person See under Unisex at Terms of Address p. Alan Clark I couldn't have asked for a better start. The lads have made it easy for me to settle in and it's looking good. How did they get my name? This issue of the Bibliography surveys the last of LFQ's regular print issues. The past year has also seen a similar announcement from a much younger journal focused in the same area, that of adaptation studies.

The Oxford University Press-sponsored Adaptation begins online only publication in , although access seems to be via subscription. Other journals will surely follow, especially as demand for libraries to provide online access increases. The tendency I have noted in some online only journals is that they are publishing far more pieces, suggesting, perhaps, that they are using the cheaper format to eliminate some of their "accepted" backlog, but also at least hinting that, for whatever reason, more work is being accepted.

Reel Knockouts: Violent Women in the Movies

In the introduction to each year's edition of the Bibliography, we also usually track a few other trends in scholarship and critical writing. One of those developments is the variation in special topics issues which most academic journals, even the highly specialized ones, commonly feature. With the exception of Film Criticism, which is in the process of moving to an online presence, the journals indexed for this year's Bibliography remain the same, although the total number of entries has slightly increased.

The "International" category continues to lead in the number of entries, thanks to the many journals that have a specifically global thrust, such as Asian Cinema, Film International, Journal of Scandinavian Cinema, and Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinema. Notable decreases are in the areas of "Film Music," "Genre," and "Directors," with the last of these seeing the largest drop in entries of approximately thirteen percent.

Major increases over the previous edition show up in the "Documentary," "Independent and Experimental," "Technology," and "Video" categories, with the "Technology" group showing an especially significant gain of more than thirty percent. As for most of its history, the categories and general format of this year's Annual Bibliography remain unchanged.