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Other 7 Jumbo. Write for Us Pattern of the Day. Popular Free Crochet Patterns. Latest Comments sjoenks41 " wow, so impressed with so much inf. After I washed it and put it on, the width had changed to 52" wide -- way too large for me to wear now. Using the 6 yarn weight and Q-Hook makes a very stretchy garment that will not hold the measurements stated in the pattern.

EyeLoveKnots " Or change up the colors for an holiday, occasion or theme! I love how versatile granny squares are. EyeLoveKnots " Thank you! EyeLoveKnots " I actually made this wreath into a red, white and green Christmas version with an Elf in the center. Came out really cute, and now I want to make all kinds of versions.

Red Heart. Updated September 04, Login Register My Notes. The pattern was added to your Crochet Patterns. Product Reviews on AllFreeCrochet. Free projects, giveaways, exclusive partner offers, and more straight to your inbox! Thank you for signing up! We were unable to sign you up - please try again. Red Heart Yarn Designer. Your Recently Viewed Projects. Leave a comment Include a Photo. Thank you! Your comment has been added. We are sorry. There was an error tyring to post your rating and review.

Your comment will appear after our editors have had a chance to review it. Thanks for your comment. Don't forget to share! JaneEK Aug 06, Anicka Mar 05, Editor Megan Mar 07, Nonnihugs Nov 11, JudyH1 Apr 11, DebbyJeanne Dec 04, Report Inappropriate Comment Are you sure you would like to report this comment? My gauge is correct the 5 SC stitches is 2 inches across. It is a 5 bulky yarn and a 5. Thank you! Oh no, mine is not Any ideas?!

The band length is 16 inches. Maybe if I try doing it looser? But then my gauge might be off. Hello Krista, I really love the pattern and would like to try it but do you think that it would work for slouchy beanie as well? Thank you for your opinion on this. Hi Veronika, I think it would be a great slouchy beanie. I have been crocheting for 50 years, following patterns. I have never, ever been as frustrated with any of them as I have been with this one. I have used 3 different yarns, the current one being Bulky and am up to a K hook. Your pattern is wrong and I have adjusted it to what finally looks right.

The gauge was incorrect and, in my case anyway, the hook size was totally off. The length of what row? The width of what? Hi Julie, I am sorry you are having trouble with this pattern. Scans donated by Sandra Bejster, edited by Sytske Wijnsma.

Pages 29 30 31 32 donated by Kathryn Roloff. Knitting patterns for nine bedjackets, shoulder capelets and shawls, some with matching slippers. Prose instructions, only one size presented. Tatting instructions and patterns for borders, insertions, flowers, baby cap and booties, collars, doilies, bags, jabots. Published with permission for reuse on the Europeana website. Fragment from a hand-painted charted pattern, featuring a fanciful multicolor bird. Modern graph with DMC color key included.

Suitable for cross-stitch, needlepoint, or Berlin woolwork. Single sheet charted multicolor design for a Berlin woolwork border with corner. Striking motif is of stylized lotus-like flowers, in green, red, blues, yellow, and orange. Includes modern recharting. Can also be used for cross-stitch, needlepoint, and beading. Museums fur Kunst und Industrie in Wien.

Volume 6 of a series showcasing craft work, metalwork, textiles, ceramics, woodwork, and bookbinding. Handpainted counted pattern for a devotional cross, done in blue ink. Original is a partial motif. The modern re-charting extrapolates the missing areas and presents the whole design. Suitable for cross-stitch.

Stylizing and applying natural shapes in flat ornamentation. Originally a loose-leaf folder with separate plates and explanations, from This second edition contains a text section followed by a plate section with the same plates and explanations from the earlier edition bound together. Very nice floral and animal stylized designs. Permission to scan donated by Antiquariaat Kleinood, Amsterdam. Photo of embroidered artifact plus modern re-charting. Baroque French design, intended for use as a decorative accent, belt, suspenders, or curtain tie-back.

Can be done in Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, cross-stitch or beading. Original was 8 feet, 3 inches about 2. F-SA Border design used for a purse A narrow border design of leaves and berries, in shades of gray on a blue background, used to decorate a black velvet purse. Small handpainted Berlin woolwork pattern, paper browned but paintwork fresh and undamaged, showing two dogs sitting outside on green grass between bushes. Charted multicolor design of four girls in hats and bonnets drinking tea under a flowering tree. Lovely pattern, probably around because of the dark outline of the figures.

Hand painted original plus mdoern recharting and DMC color key. Suitable for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint or cross-stitch. Filet charts for crochet, beading, embroidery on net, etc.. Formal and floral designs, birds, mythical creatures, church motifs, Japanese inspired scenes, in edgings, large squares for centerpieces. Catalog of embroidered fabric and edges for lingerie collars, dresses. Most whitework embroidery, some laces. Drawings showing how these items could be used.

Braggers Gonna Brag, But It Usually Backfires

Small cut-out motif of a boy or young man, green hat, red jacket, grey trousers, blue stockings, black shoes, green shirt with white number 8 on it, yellow and purple belt. He holds a branch in his right hand. Background trees and a small house. Single sheet, handpainted, multicolor charted design of a boy in a red jacket playing with a spaniel type puppy. Includes original, a modern recharting, and a DMC color key for the modern chart.

Intended for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, or cross-stitch. The metaphysical background aside, this is a good book to learn about application of geometric figures in ornament design. Two-dimensional projections of four-dimensional objects are explained and illustrations show how these might be applied. Suitable for quilting, leaded glass, wood inlay work, mosaic, embroidery, application work. Huge collection of embroidery, crochet and knitting patterns for silk threads and yarns, including descriptions of the thread itself, hundreds of stitches and types of needlework, and beautiful illustrations.

Socks, mittens, motifs, chains, edgings, bags, ties, bags, belts, tassels, fan, slippers, lamp shade, garter, suspenders, embroidered flowers. A large collection of freehand embroidery designs, circa Includes floral borders and insertionss, wreaths, scallops and edgings for clothing, handkerchiefs, and linens; designs for applied braid or soutache some can be used for Battenberg lace. LImited number of Russian cross-stitch designs; dogs and cats; sporting motifs.

Catalogue of quilt patterns, hundreds of drawings the pattern shapes, embroidery stitches, and ads. Wonderful early quilt reference. Dated 15 May A repeating pattern with pink flowers on a white background. Handpainted, the paint worn through in spots. A collection of single sheet Berlin work embroidery plates by a variety of artists. Filet edgings and insertions with instructions - formal and floral designs, an unusual seafood table linen pattern with lobsters and crabs, butterfly and bee insertions, birds, animals, alphabets, japanese motifs.

Crochet instructions for items in Irish and Venetian crochet imitation of Italian cutwork , plus Cluny crochet; cross-stitch on crochet mesh ground; filet crochet. Lots of butterflies, florals, brooches, jabots, edgings, medallions, slides, even crocheted cord formed into initials.

Needle lace stitches to be used on their own or with braids or netting; washing instructions for the completed laces. Scans donated by Digital Archive, reedited Judith Adele. Page 29 is unreadable in the pdf; the second pdf contains a separate page Collection of prose patterns for crochet and tatting, includes baby layette, filet crochet heraldic medallions for insertion into door curtains, yokes for chiledren's and women's clothing, filet insertion for bolster cushion, child's hat and collar, corset cover, octagonal box with Chinoiserie motif.

Tatting instruction sinclude edgings for luncheon set and towels, lingerie trim and yoke, pillow and bedding items, collars, and insertions and edgings for tea cloths. Most in a single color, the Pastel pattern has different colors. Patterns from to Dreissig tafeln mit Sechshundert Monogrammen. Zweite Verbessterte Auflage. Plates of embroidery on filet clear enough to stitch from, also could be used for cross stitch or filet crochet work. Borders, scenes from Aesop's Fables, animal and mythological motifs, quaint and exotic scenes.

Freehand drawn designs for surface embroidery - delicately rendered flowers, borders, mythical scenes, childrens' themes. Collars, edgings, borders, alphabets, includes a few designs for Broderie anglaise whitework with eyelets. Architectural characteristics of various styles. Short book, gives a high-level overview. French language prose instructions for nine sets of crocheted insertion strips and their matching heavily fringed edgings. Includes photographs of finished strips and edgings.

Deeply textured, heavy, yet lacy, these intended to be worked in cotton, and used for curtains, valences, portieres, shelf and mantlepiece trims. Hat and gloves, table runners, blouse, luncheon cloth, night table doily, bedspread ensemble, another luncheon set, and shade pulls, all decorated with butterflies in many shapes and colors.

Title page missing. Famous and often reprinted book about embroidered filet; history of linen, spinning yarn, netting, embroidery, point de toile and point de reprise. Scans donated and edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Probably Magasin des Dames et des Demoiselles. A vertical repeating border of carnations, 80 stitches wide. The repeat is stitches high.

Designs for stained glass, abstract allover patterns for stained glass. Some might be very difficult to execute in glass. Most can be used as patchwork patterns as well. Handpainted chart on cream paper, half of a rug pattern in shades of brown with a border of roses. The border could be used independently. We're still looking for Nos. More crocheted edgings, collars and cuffs. One of the smaller Cartier Bresson albums, this one about Frivolite. A basic introduction and then a number of frivolite patterns described and photographed. There are no schematic drawings of the items.

Four leporello folding pattern sheets. Each sheet presents highly detailed engravings of two separate thread crochet medallions or motifs, plus one or more coordinating edgings. No prose directions or stitch diagrams beyond the engravings themselves. Three pages of charted designs in two colors: one serif alphabet, one script alphabet, numbers, plus a simple songbird on a branch, and about a dozen simple borders. Suitable for cross-stitch, filet darned net , or filet crochet.

Gros crochet, 14 figurative patterns, birds, leaves, flowers, mostly meant for home decoration. Bed covers with putti, curtains, figurative crochet. Lovely patterns, especially the horse chestnut. Chair seat and back of velvet and an embroidered stripe down the middle. Lovely floral medaillons on a green background.

Artifact photo of a black velvet seat cover with two bands of Berlin woolwork less common than covers with one band. Design in browns, red, blue, and white, featuring a gothic cross motif.

Also useful for needlepoint and cross-stitch. A velvet chair seat with a single embroidered stripe down the seat, showing how the many border patterns of Berlin woolwork were used in common household items. Light green background, colors best seen at the back of the embroidery. Sketches in lithograph, drypoint, pencil and wash, of small chateaux, farms, town houses, cottages, manoirs, windmills, gates, doorways, details, etc. The subtitle says it all, Large folder with ribbon ties containing loose plated.

Scans of Middle-Eastern chessboards, showing four inlay designs: corner square, top rectangle, and two small chessboard fields. The chessboards have a backgammon board on the inside, with its own inlay design, which will be done later. The designs are also suitable for quilting, mosaic, and leaded glass work.

Columbia Cottons and How to Use Them, Latest and most practical manual for making infant's and children's caps. Price 10 cents. A book of inspiration in the art of modern lace making. Filet square pattern, showning two chimney sweepers with brooms, one at the point of descending a ladder in the chimney. No maker or publisher shown. Church kneeler embroidered in cross-stitch. The design can be extended indefinitely. Italian language treasury of 25 knitting stitches.

Includes texture, and lacy knitting, and cables. Prose instructions. Crochet patterns for doiles, centerpieces, a chair protector set antimacassars table runners and tablecloths, featuring variants of the pineapple motif. American notation. Charming aprons, boudoir caps, curtains, pillows, rag rug, doilies, napkin rings, and a "Monkey Face Portier". Delicate lacet, filet, Torchon, Cluny , hairpin lace, and other crochet stitches for negligees, boudoir caps, and bedroom table items.

Crocheted edgings for handkerchiefs, including hairpin lace instructions. Variety of edgings, beautiful illustrations. Some are edgings around linen centers, some are all-crochet. Complete crochet instructions and full information for making six small and one large basket. Instructions for stiffening basket included. Instructions and charts for filet crochet doilies, table linens, pillow covers, placemats and centerpieces; Emblem of Freedom Symbol of Roosevelt's Depression-era recovery effort ; rooster, cornucopia, edgings, and a collar.

Crochet pattern for round six-wedge doily in filet crochet, featuring daffodils. Prose instructions, no chart for motif, US terms. Placemats, rugs, pot holders, towel trims, seat covers. Crochet directions and charts for filet crochet lace pieces intended for church and devotional use. Includes panels and frontals, a funeral alb, insertions and edgings for altar linens. Many of these charted designs can be adapted for cross-stitch or darned net filet. Includes regular crochet, hairpin crochet, and a corner butterfly to be accented with embroidery.

Sets of mittens, scarf, socks, hat in various combinations. Charted designs of knitted snowman decorations and cars on the knitted items. Includes corners and side motifs that can be combined to make up pieces ov various sizes. Dazzling stylized tapestry or cross stitch designs - charts for cushion, bag, chair back. Knitting instructions for a sleeveless sweater in various sizes. Very likely a wartime publication. From the earlier, much shorter Complete Course of Dressmaking.

Clothes etiquette, body types, ages, coloring, color wheel, sewing machines, hand sewing, other equipment.

Dressmaking instructions for drafting, cutting sewing, and finishing, with special emphasis on layout, cutting, seaming and binding. All sample projects are house dresses and aprons. Materials, trimmings and how to sew them on, patterns, brassieres, chemises, drawers, bloomers, nightgowns, petticoats. Complete layette, materials, trimmings, stitches, pattern making, darts, finishing. Construction methods, collars, cuffs, yokes, sleeves. Cutting, different coat styles and their construction, working with heavier fabric, linings.

Romper, straight-hanging dress, guimpe dress, blouse with buttoned-on skirt, middy and pleated skirt, a party dress, petticoat, drawers, sleeping drawers, nightgown. Circular skirt, gored skirt, skirt with yoke. Drawings show the layout of pattern pieces and some details of sewing. It is the object of this book to set forth the quickest and best method for every operation, in sewing. Small hardcover book, intended as reference for sewing techniques. From the collection of Sytske Wijnsma, scanned and edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Transferred to Rijksmuseum Research Library Trimmings for cotton dresses, silk frocks, cloth dresses, suits, blouses, underwear, children's clothing.

How to Drape: Fitted lining, coat, skirts. Materials and how to test them, Renovating notes, Removal of stains, Dyeing materials. House dress, Straight-hanging dress, Long-waisted dress, Russian Blouse dress. Each with a sketch of the pattern layout and instructions on cutting and making. Scans donated by Sytske Wijnsma, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Description of making a blouse, trousers, bloomers, buttoned-on trousers, Russian blouse suit, sailor suit, underwaist and drawers.

Drawings illustrate the details of sewing and the lay-out of pattern pieces. A description of a march for sixteen children in a rose costume. The costume is described as well. The advertisements mention many more such publications. Charted design reproduced from an original showing a coral wreath and center motif on a black ground - a very popular and stylish design of the time. Original redraft plus modern recharting and DMC color key. Design suitable for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, cross-stitch or beading.

Edgings, medallions, squares and camisole yokes, including spider and filet patterns. More classic edgings, insertions, medallions, squares, doilies, and fringes, including spider patterns and a wonderful grape border.

50+ Beginner Crochet Hat Patterns

Yokes, edgings and bedroom caps, baby caps, tray cloth, monograms, cluny lace doilies. The filet patterns include a large butterfly, a peacock and patterns for Elk Lodge, Modern Woodmen of America, Shriners. A craft leaflet describing how to plait so-called corn dollies, a tradition dating back to pre-Christian times.

Permission to publish graciously given by the Herefordshire Federation of Women's Institutes, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Handpainted chart for a delicate corner design and flower spot motif. Unknown origin, unknown date. Probably German. Combines block units with linear stitching. Suitable for cross-stitch with double running or back stitch. Photos of example trims and collars, no instructions. Crochet stitch guide, patterns for crocheted laces, Irish Crochet motifs butterflies , slippers, bags, a gentleman's scarf, boudoir caps, crocheted lace baskets, coasters, knit and crocheted ladies' scarves, sweaters, dressing jackets, hats, shawls, child's sweater.

Patterns for crocheted vanity box, slippers, yokes, hat trim, fasteners, collars, sweater, buttons, silk bag, cushion, edgings, motifs, doilies, napkins and napkin rings, baby hats and slippers. Knitting patterns for baby and child items, afghan, gentleman's silk hose, lady's silk jacket. Fashion: Florence, MA slippers, hats, collars, speater, baby items, jacket. Crochet stitch instructions, including more complicated stitches such as roll stitch and star stitch. Patterns for crocheted silk men's ties, a knitted tie, doilies, luncheon sets, filet patterns, some exquisite edgings, tatted baby items, scarves, yokes, caps, patterns for doll items.

Knitting and crochet instructions, with some interesting fancy stitches, patterns for men's, women's and children's sweaters, baby blankets and clothes, silk purses, hats, shawls, socks, gloves, military and hospital items. Some of the sweaters are surprisingly modern. Lovely useful articles such as a militaire coat, a liberty coat, a coat, an infants crocheted set, aubomobile helmet, sailors beanie, and many more. Starts with advertising Corticelli yarns, then the basic knitting stitches, and then straight into the patterns.

Some items look modern even now. Delicate crocheted blouse, edgings, doilies, insertions, yokes, Irish Crochet, bags, hats, slippers, men's ties, and a lampshade. Filet charts, including church lace and alphabets. Tatted edgings, motifs, doilies. Knit silk sweaters.

Crochet and knitting patterns for edgings, table and bed linens, doilies, tablecloths, filet charts, yokes, baby bonnets, knit sweater collar, cuffs, curtains, Irish Crochet motifs, doll's sweater, bedspreads. Crochet stitch instructions, "Roaring Twenties" patterns for knit and crocheted sweaters, vests, hats, bags, collars, jabots, nightgown yokes, baby items, linens, doilies, medallions, filet charts, lace edgings.

Hand tinted costume plates showing Paris fashion from around or later. Four ladies' day dresses and mantle, plus magnificent straw hats. Embroidered net designs - squares, medallions, heraldic, hunting, classical motifs. Wonderful mythic creatures. The plates are clear enough to use for cross-stitch, filet crochet, etc. Crocheted lace - elaborate edgings and insertions, wonderful fringes, doilies, a hanging basket, floral and mythical motifs, and an amazing Don Quichotte in Venetian crochet.

French language collection of devotional designs for church use.

Photographs of many embroidery styles including whitework, multicolor surface stitching, darned net filet , tape laces, needle laces, applique on machine made net, metal thread embroidery, and more. Fashion catalog pages, wonderful drawings of mid-century corsetry and clothing construction. Clever and easy crocheted star motif that can be joined as you go to make coasters, doilies, centerpieces. Repeating pattern in two shades of green, a white and gray crossing chain and flowers in the diamond openings.

Woolwork embroidery, square piece intended for a cushion cover. Donors estimate is around Original colors have faded. The background colors on the original are red, dark red, blueish green. The chart is done in red and dark red only, because the blueish green looked horrible when applied to the chart. Probably the original shade was different from that on the DMC palette. Images donated by Anthony Wright, ebay seller ajwtilstock. Crochet leaflet from the fifties, with directions for placemats, doilies, chair mats, and an apron, some worked in two or more colors. Style of these pieces is broadly imitative of cutwork embroidery, with solid areas framing lacy, openwork floral or geometric motifs.

Very much in the mid-century style. Prose instructions, American notation. Book for teachers: how to teach drawing using the blackboard as tool. Starts absurdly simple, but gets more complex fast. Excellent for learning the basics of drawing. Hand painted multicolor charted pattern for a spray of roses, daisies and anemones. Intended for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint or cross stitch.

Crochet Crowd Crochet Along 2018

Cross-stitch charts for alphabets, monograms, borders, and a wonderful transportation scene. Clear illustrations of the special embroidery stitches, many of which create spaces between the fabric threads to create a lace. Plates show traditional patterns, including church motifs. Astrological and mythological motifs, Louis IV era designs, playing card designs, borders, floral motifs.

Hand painted charted design for an elaborate multicolor all-over repeat pattern and and two associated borders. Faceted jewel design, in blues, reds, greens, pink, gold, white and grey. Intended for Berlin woolwork, also suitable for cross-stitch, needlepoint, and beading. Complete tatting instructions, with some complex techniques.

Crochet Patterns ~

Patterns for edgings, insertions, medallions, yokes, doilies, collars, cuffs, baby caps and trimmings. Plain and Ornamental, including German, Old English, Saxon, Italic, Perspective, Greek, Hebrew, Court hand, Engrossing, Tuscan, Riband, Gothic, Rustic, and Arabesque, with several original designs, and an analysis of the Roman and Old English Alphabets, large, small, and numerals, for the use of draughtsmen, surveyors, masons, decorative painters, lithographers, engravers, carvers, etc.

Calligraphers and sign painters' reference. Advertisements for the other calligraphy manuals, and a short introduction. Includes a Hebrew and a Greek alphabet. Some illuminated or embellished drop capitals are included. Alphabets are tagged with century and place-of-holding, but no specific manuscript or early book sources are named.

Framingham Massachusetts, Dennison Mfg Co. Instructions for making 28 flowers. A collection of lace pattern drawings, bound as one book. Some page numbers missing, some page numbers duplicate, but patterns are different. Needle lace employing a canvas withdrawn thread foundation and Point de Venise style motifs.

French language instruction on Point de Venise needle lace. Well liustrated with lots of how-to diagrams, and examples showing how basic units can be combined to make complex designs. Includes suggestions for use as insertions in white cutwork pieces. A Berlin woolwork sampler, with two smyrna patches, three stitch patterns and nineteen cross-stitch repeating patterns. Small repeats, bold colors. Instructions for Irish Crochet in silk; baby bonnets, bags, collar and cuff set, hats, jabots, scarves and men's ties. Charted multicolor design of rose wreath, suitable for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, cross-stitch.

Museum attribution: Needlework pattern, , by T P Devrient. Gift of W Morgan, Te Papa PC Illustrations from the Household Edition of two Charles Dickens' travelogues, excellent for theater and costume research. These two were completed and , respectively. Illustrations from the Household Edition of some of Charles Dickens' Christmas short stories, excellent for theater and costume research.

The Englishman, Mrs. Lirriper's Lodgings, Dr. Illustrations from the Household Edition of the Charles Dickens' novel, excellent for theater and costume research. David Copperfield is set approximately 's to 's. Many depictions of poor children. Great Expectations is set early to mid 19th century. Set in a northern English mill town, early to mid 19th century.

Curiosity Shop is set in 's London. Oliver Twist is set in London, 's criminal classes. From the estate of Frans Wijnsma. Illustrations from the Household Edition of the Charles Dickens' historical novel, excellent for theater and costume research. Tale of Two Cities is set in Paris, 's - 's. From the collection of Frans Wijnsma.

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Cross-stitch, charted embroidery - alphabets, borders, medallions, monograms, naval and heraldic, hunting , winter scenes, white work monograms. Instructions and traditions, insertions in linen, additional embroidery and two intricate tassels. Making and mounting net, the embroidery stitches. Beautiful colored plates detailed enough to follow the stitches, charted patterns.

Colored embroidery designs, tracing patterns, gorgeous art nouveau patterns of expressive flowers and leaves. Needlepoint or cross stitch patterns for alphabets, borders, hot air balloons, auto, boats, bicycles. Knitting technique booklet in French. Many are known classics, but several include wrapped stitches, uncommon in modern stitch treasuries.

Also includes instructions for grafting and repairing complex lace patterns. Beautiful Norwegian white-on-white openwork, with excellent instructions and patterns ranging from simple embroidery to complex laces. French language instruction for Colbert Embrodery - an 19th century voided style characterized by a detailed geometric stitched background ocasionally worked in multicolor plus a heavily outlined free-form usually floral mostly unworked foreground.

Includes 6 examples two all-over desings, and four squares plus close-ups to show working detail. French language instruction for basic plain sewing, embroidery, and mending. Includes illustrations of stitches, plus a simple graphed alphabet for marking household linens in cross-stitch. Forming picots, and a round lacy motif; simple rectangular piece with granny-style deep edging. French language introductory knitting techique instruction: basic stitches, turning heels, finishing toes; textured and lacy knitting stitches; simple square and round motifs for doilies or blankets; and a border.

Dozens of different cross stitches collected from many parts of the world, beautifully illustrated, with some needle lace stitches for joinings, edges and tassels, plus 39 colored plates. The centerfold patterns are reproduced full size in the last pdf file. French language instruction for monogramming linen and lingerie, includes lessons on composition and placement, plus 9 pages of freehand drawn monograms for surface embroidery, and 7 pages of charted alphabets for cross-stitch.

Very Art Deco in style. Clear illustrations of simple embroidery stitches that quickly progress to patterns of dazzling complexity. Flat-stitch embroidery plates and pattern outlines for graceful floral and formal pieces. Bulgarian embroidery - dozens of illustratios of brilliant borders and fields, with instructions for materials and thread colors and illustration of unusual stitches.

Colorful Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian embroidery. Stitch instructions and materials, and color plates. A wide variety of mostly geometric or stylized floral designs in gorgeous colors, with tracing patterns at the back of the book for pricking the designs onto cloth. Colorful Bosnian, Herzegovine, Dalmation, and Montenegro embroidery. A wide variety of stylized floral, bird and abstract designs in gorgeous colors, with tracing patterns at the back of the book for pricking the designs onto cloth.

Complete instructions on how to do filet crochet, with simple and lovely patterns and a few filet charts. Carefully researched patterns and stitches from museums of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia - lavish flat stitching. Needle laces made with manufactured tapes and braids many no longer available that work up quickly to stunning results. The linen patterns tracing patterns can also be used by Battenberg and Romanian Point lacemakers. French language manual for Teneriffe lace, a needle lace worked on foundations wrapped on round or bar-shaped forms, then overstitched. Inclues unusual scalloped forms.

Directions for drawn thread embroidery - exquisite lace. Slav, Italian, Reticella openwork, Spanish openwork, cut stitch designs, and a ground with rosettes resembling Teneriffe. French language instructions for Guipre needle lace embroidery on large mesh knotted net, including working methods for stitches and fills, plus photos of grounds, borders some with corners and small motifs.

Instructions for making net, and the stitches to embroider over it, to make elaborate squares and borders. Plates with bird, flower and geometric designs. Instructions for the embroidery and needle lace stitches, and plates illustrating geometric borders, grounds, linens, fringed edgings, pillows, collars, apron, bags, blouses. Instructions for embroidery and needle lace stitches, and plates illustrating geometric borders, grounds, linens, fringed edgings, pillows, collars, apron, bags, blouses. Instructions for the embroidery and needle lace stitches, and plates illustrating geometric borders, grounds, fringed and knotted edgings, pillows, bags and an apron.

Instructions and illustrations for stitching manufactured braid in elaborate patterns onto fabric, with many illustrations and tracing patterns. Beautiful art nouveau design. One of the classics of Irish Crochet lace. Parts of this book have been reprinted by several publishers. These scans are from the original, with all the chapters, plates and linen patterns. Instructions for Irish Crochet stitches and techniques, patterns for traditional Irish Crochet motifs, grounds, footings and borders, instructions for working with machine made grounds and braids, illustration plates and lacemaker's patterns for working complex laces - deep edgings, squares, insertions, a collar and cuffs.

Charts for alphabets, borders, monograms, and wonderful scenes of bicycles, boats, trains, motor car and balloons. French language booklet illustrating designs for counted thread, pattern darning, and canvaswork embroidery. Geometric motifs, borders, and all-over designs in multiple colors.

No charts, but photos are clear enough to work from.