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Robins Players: Happiness Edward H. Robins Players: Hush Edward H. Robins Players: Mr. Barnum Edward H. Robins Players: Officer Edward H. Gilbert and Sullivan Comic Opera Co. Is Zat So? Israel Folk Co. It's a Boy J. Howe Pictures Lyman H. Montreal Opera Co. North Mr. Battling Butler Mr. Crewe's Career Mr. Zanzibar tales. Apes and the two travelers. Ape's head.

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Hero tales told in school. How Apollo came to Parnassus. Old Greek Stories. Lord of the silver bow. Stories of old Greece. Apollo, the beautiful. See also Daphne. Apollo: Apollo and the python. Killing of the python. Apollo: Birth of Apollo. Gods and heroes. Latona and Xiobe. Orpheus with his lute. How Apollo came to Delphi. Greek myths, v. Leto and Apollo. Apollo and Daphne. See Daphne. Apollo and Hermes. See Hermes and Apollo. Apollo and Hyacinthus. See Hyacinthus. Apollo's cows. Apollo's mother. See Latona and the frogs. Apollo's sister. See Diana. Apple of contentment.

Pepper and salt.

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Apple of discord. See Paris: Apple of discord. Apples of Hesperides. See Hercules and his labors. Apples of Idun. See Iduna's apples. Apples of life. Apprentice thief. In chimney corners. April Fool's Day. See Diccon, the foot-boy and the wise fools of jotham. See How the ass became a man again. Aqua; or, The water baby. Arab and his camel. Van Sickle and Scegmiller. Arabian pipe, Story of the. Bric-a-brac stories. In mythland. L Little weaver. Wonderful weaver. Nature myths and stories. Once upon a time. Stories of olrl Greece. Arachne, the little spinner. Round the year in myth and song.

Minerva and Arachne. A web and a spider. Arbutus and violet. Archer and the eagle. See Eagle and the arrow. Are you not satisfied? Farmer and the noses. Fairy tales. Story of the noses. See also Hans Humdrum. Alpheus and Arethusa. Story of the golden age. Bow of Eurytus. Flight of Arethusa. See Argonauts. Jason and the Golden Fleece. Burt and Ragozin.

Herakles and other heroes. Jason, the hero of Thessaly. Reign of King Herla. Greek story and song. Voyage of the Argo. Heroes of the olden time. Golden fleece. Jason and the golden fleece. Tanglewood tales. Golden porch.

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Artful lad. Arthur, King. Stories of the king. Heroes of chivalry and romance. Famous legends. King Arthur and his court. Ballads and tales. Book of romance. Stories of legendary heroes. Arthur, King: Arthur in the cave. Arthur, King : Coming of Arthur. How to tell stories to children. Arthur and the sword. Heroic legends. Sword in the stone. Drawing of the sword. Arthur, King: Death of Arthur. Stories of the King. Passing of Arthur.


Tales of the enchanted islands of the Atlantic, King Arthur at Avalon. Arthur, King: Sword Excalibur. Child life, 5th reader. King Arthur wins E. Second storv- reader. King Arthur's sword. Sword Excalibur. Tales of romance. Artisan's wonderful wings. See Daedalus and Icarus. Myths and legends of the Pacific Northwest. As rich as Croesus. See Croesus. As the crow flies. See Cinderella. Ash maid. Crock of gold. Ashes of deceit. Chinese fairy stories. Ashes that made trees to bloom.

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  • See Old man who made wiihcTL-d trees to flower. Ashiepattle and his goodly crew. Tales from the fjeld. Boots and his crew. See also Ship that could sail over land and sea. Ashiepattle and the king's hares. Folk and fairy tales. Osborn's pijje. See also Enchanted whistle; Jesper who herded the hares. Boots who ate a match with the troll. See also Boy who contended with the giant in eating.

    Ashiepattle who made the princess tell the truth at last. Boots who made the princess say, "That's a story. Jokai and others. Golden fairy book. Ashish, Story of. Myths and legends of the Pacific North- west. Fairies afield. Aslaug and Ragnar. Old English fairy tales.

    King Edmund. Stories from Norseland. Asmund and Signy. Brown fairy book. Georgian folk tales. Ass and his purchaser. Ass and his shadow. Ass's shadow. Ass and the dog. See Ass, the dog and the wolf. Ass and the fly. Ass and the frogs. Ass and the gardener. Ass and the grasshopper. Donkey and the grasshopper. Ass and the lap-dog. Ass and the little dog. See Ass and the lap-dog. Ass and the nightingale. Ass and the wolf. Ass carrying an idol. Ass carrying relics poem. Fox and the ass. Donkey in the lion's skin. Indian fairy tales. Ass laden with salt and with sponges.

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    Children's book of Christmas stories. Legend of Babouscka. Bacchus and Pentheus. God of the ivy crown. Bacon, Roger: Friar Bacon and the brazen head. Bacon pie. Fairy gold. Bad boy, Story of the. Wonder children. Badger and the bear. Smoky Day's wigwam evenings. Wigwam evenings. Old Indian legends. Badger in the bag. Brooks, E. Wonder stories from the Mabinogion. Pwyll and Rhiannon. More Celtic fairy tales. Powel, Prince of Dyfed. Knightly legends of Wales.

    Pwyll, Prince of Dyved. Pwyll and the game of badger in the bag.

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    Bald man and the fly. See Baldur. Baldur and the mistletoe. Stepping stones t j literature, v. Brown, A. In the days of giants. Balder and tlu- mistletoe. Stories of childhood and nature. Stories from Norscland. Death of Baldur. Nine worlds. Norse stories. Story telling in home and school. Legends of Norseland. Dying Baldur. Balder and the mistletoe. See Sir Balin. Ball-carrier and the Bad One. Ball of thread. Kiltartan wonder book. Balloon boy. Star jewels. Bamboo-cutter and the moon-child. Japanese fairy tales. Bamboo cutter's daughter.

    Bamboo-cutter's daughter. See Bamboo-cutter and the moon- child. Banished king. Bee-man of Orn. Schneer and Harryhausen's next project was this loose adaptation of Jonathan Swift's book and, like most adaptations, the movie is aimed primarily to kids, the satire set aside for humor, and only half the story is told. And though the title infers three lands and adventures, there are really only two — the land of Lilliput and the land of Brobdingnag — while the third world is that of simple, ol' England.

    The movie itself was filmed in Spain. Director Sher wrote the script with screenplay author Arthur A. In the land of Lilliput, he's tied up on the beach by a race of tiny people before being hailed as their savior. The Three Worlds of Gulliver features very little of Harryhausen's trademark stop-motion effects only two scenes, one of which really isn't all that top notch , but for that there is a lot of for-its-time excellent effects when it comes to the scaled cinematography and interplay of differently sized characters.

    Too bad about the musical interludes, however Trailer: Mysterious Island , dir. Cy Endfield. Schneer and Ray Harryhausen's next film was shot in Spain and England, and unlike The Three Worlds of Gulliver , features a fair share of Harryhausen's trademark stop-motion effects. Trailer :. Arista's son Jason Todd Armstrong survives and sets out to regain his father's throne. Jason decides to go forth on a quest for the Golden Fleece, which has the power to bring peace and rid the land of sickness.

    With Hera's help, Jason builds the ship The Argo, holds a games to select a crew and then sets forth on a journey to the island of Colchis. It becomes a journey through which Jason and his crew encounter many amazing creatures. First Men in the Moon , dir.