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No Man Can Resist You

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Audre Lorde

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Lamb in London Mag. The strange story of a love adventure at sea. Gottfried von Strassburg] with the creation of the secular love allegory. To make loue balades. Davenant Distresses ii. Shakespeare Richard III iii.

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  8. Rutherford Peaceable Plea To Rdr. Swinburne Bothwell i. Lisle tr. Leighton Reuben ii. MacNeice tr. Coleridge Nightingale in W. Middleton Witch i. Bayly Misc. Reflections I. Scott Kenilworth II. Sundkler Bantu Prophets S. Chaucer House of Fame Fairf. Thomson Biol. Seasons ii. Ford Lovers Melancholy iv. Harington Hist. Taylor J. Behmen's Theosophick Philos. Harington in tr. Ariosto Orlando Furioso xxvii. L'Estrange tr. Cobb Eng. Ken Christophil in Wks. Who for Two thousand Years, or rather more, Have sung the like Love-ditties o're and o're.

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