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  1. Man on the moon

Man on the moon

Another tale tells of seeing a figure of a man carrying something on his back. Some also see a dog accompanying this man on the Moon. Do you see a face when you look at the full Moon?

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Was he sent there by rocket ship? Is he an alien? One old but popular European tradition states that this man was sent to the Moon for a crime—which is almost as mysterious as this guy on the Moon. Christian lore explains that this man was caught gathering sticks on the Sabbath, a day of rest, and was sentenced by God to death.

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German culture accused the man of stealing from a neighbor, while Roman legend said he stole a sheep. Another myth, both Christian and Jewish in nature, claims the man in the Moon to be Cain the Wanderer, forever doomed to circle the earth.

Vegetables cooked in less water and for a shorter period of time will lose fewer of their nutrients. By Conrad Quilty-Harper.

Indeed, our 8 June issue said that the superpowers were squandering resources better spent on earthbound problems. Nevertheless, our opinion barely changed over the decades, and we maintained our opposition into the s. Surely this entire approach is the very antithesis of adventure? But the usefulness of planetary science to the wider world is surely even more debatable than that of modern high-energy physics.

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We should encourage science looking for a mission rather than a mission looking for science. You might laugh with us at the absurdity of our anti-Apollo campaigning, but perhaps make a note of 13 December in your calendar.

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